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Meadhan Point LLC

Design Studio and Event Services



Meadhan Point LLC

Located in Central Texas

Since 2018, Meadhan Point LLC has had the

pleasure of working with many Organizations

around the world on different projects.


2020 Has Been A Challenge For Us All.

Meadhan Point LLC has weathered the

storm like most businesses.

We remain vigilant during this time as we try to remain strong

and focused on what matters the most to our company.

(Non-Profit Organizations and the many Groups that help

keep the world in motion.)

Our journey has brought us in a new direction as we move forward and try to keep our business up and running we have not lost sight of our primary goal which is to work with Non-Profit Organizations and Groups. With our focus on helping them fight against Hunger, Poverty, Educational Hardships, Literacy, Depression, Community Development, Environment Protection and Conservation, Wildlife Conservation and Education, And so much more.

Meadhan Point LLC Products and Services Include:


Retail Design and E-Commerce Sales:

Meadhan Point LLC is embracing the E-Commerce industry.

From marketing materials to our new line of

Scottish inspired products. We now offer a wide

range of items for everyone.


Marketing Materials: 

We have purchased new equipment to help our company

move forward in its goals. This new equipment will allow

us the opportunity to offer Non-profits a cost effective

option for profession event marketing materials.

Event Planning:

Reach fundraising goals by having an event. We can help

plan, design, and setup your Organizations fund raising event.

We're Here To Help You Build a better Tomorrow , Today.



ADDRESS:  Coleman/TX/76834